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studioTica Glass Gift Box

studioTica Glass Gift Box

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Handmade Glass Christmas Ornaments + stocking stuffer + home decor + wall art + snow sun-catcher - Winter Collection - Modern and Unique.

studioTica's Gift Box - Christmas Collection. Handmade Glass Christmas Ornament Christmas Tree Stocking Stuffer, Boss Teacher Gift Traditional Modern

The Glass Gift Box is a studioTica original creation which was inspired by the classic gift box and re-imaged in glass!

studioTica Frosted Fire glass - these little gems are made with a special Frosted Fire glass coating which is unlike anything else on the market. This special coating allows both intense colors and subtle shimmers of light to reflect and refract. Depending on the angle of the light and the background, they could be crystal clear, a bit frosty, or light-up with the most brilliant rainbow of colors.

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